Information for Datacenter Managers

  • Information for Datacenter Managers

    We use a server network in the Hetzner datacenter parks and need skilled IT professionals to:

    • Assist the web developer team with their demo web server
    • Maintain the servers and interact with Hetzner support teams
    • Develop test and production VM’s
    • Update our documentation for Linux / FreeBSD / Windows administration
    • Keep all software updated
    • Optimize server speed
    • Deal with server down emergencies
    • Document setup guidelines
    • Develop VPN solutions which also work in China
    • Implement monitoring systems to reduce downtime
    • Proactively prevent security issues
    • Manage backups

    and much more.

    Our platforms are Debian, Clear Linux, FreeBSD and Windows Server 2019 with VMware ESXi and VMware Workstation.

    The workload is fairly low in the moment, so time is available to develop concepts and do tests for our launch day.

    A key requirement is 24/7 support for our web developer team, as they develop our customer portal.

    Please note that all positions we have are currently voluntary based with no compensation.

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