Information for Legal Advisors

  • Information for Legal Advisors

    Here a basic overview of tasks a legal advisor would do in this project:

    • Check/Improve our existing contracts like NDA, volunteer agreements, investor search contracts with agencies etc.
    • Develop new business investor and customer investor contracts
    • Help with the various contracts required during incorporation stage in Singapore
    • Advise on licenses required for the business, what we need to do to qualify and keep qualified
    • Guide on financial regulations, ensure compliance and that we can pass audits
    • Ensure our public websites and social media accounts comply with Internet legislation
    • Monitor the WhatsApp team internal chat and step in to avoid mistakes
    • Advise and protect the founder/co-founders from legal mistakes
    • Help out when a task or issue comes up

    We have a professional task management website, so all legal tasks are shown clearly and are easy to be worked on.
    There is no specific daily time requirement, just to monitor the WhatsApp team chat regularly to stay updated is recommended.

    Please note that all positions we have are currently voluntary based with no compensation.

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