Software Project - Customer Portal

  • Software Project - Customer Portal

    We bought a theme called UBold, you can see a mockup here:



    The plan is to develop a customer portal (dashboard) based on that theme for our customers of the investment fund. So we have all the standard portal elements like:

    • Logins
    • Payments incoming/outgoing with history
    • Check the account balance in realtime
    • Track all the funds customers invested into
    • Show which stocks are in each fund
    • Also we show all the funds we have running, even if a customer did not invest into them, plus some core metrics about the business

    The backend will be Node.js with and SQLite as the database, code hosted on GitHub in our private repository.
    The webserver will be either Debian or Clear Linux. We can test FreeBSD, too, due to its excellent network performance.

    Project Target
    At this stage all we need is a working demo, as we have no payment processor yet to link into, and the core fund software needs an API for the web portal. The demo will be showed to investors and potential customers during market research.

    The customer portal will be a team effort of 2-5 programmers so workload can be shared. Team player skills are of key importance, so is a clear concept, task assignment, good code quality with plenty of comments.

    We have a professional framework for doing concepts, task management and documentation with WhatsApp team chat on top.

    Please note that all positions we have are currently voluntary based with no compensation.

    Once we have the demo ready we will highlight the programmers on the website in an article and also push out promotions on LinkedIn (8k connections) about the website team and their work. Hopefully that will lead to some paid work offers to all website programmers. We can also issue certificates of contributions to the project.

    Project Status and Next Steps

    • Currently interviews are scheduled for 5-10 candidates.

    • Once we have a good team they will introduce themself and vote to choose their project manager

    • The project manager will ensure that the demo development will run based on a clear concept, that tasks are assigned and worked on, the team is fully updated on changes and code will meet good quality standards. Also the project manager will operate the demo website, pull the latest code from git into the server (Debian via SSH) and collect feedback from everyone how to improve the portal.

    As everyone here is a volunteer we do not define fixed timelines to complete something. We move forward as good as we can. The only requirement is a daily commitment of 1-2 hours to make everyone’s work count and progress will be visible.

  • GitHub Repository is ready:


  • @Amondial great!

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