Project Plan

  • Project Plan

    In this thread we describe the core task for the project. Most of them are already published in the business plan presentation and other parts of the website, but this page acts as a public central overview of all the core tasks and future steps.

    Stage 1

    • Raise 10-20K USD so we have cash to travel and visit possible investors with 2-3 people and to cover basic project costs.

    • Find Seed Investors to fund the project with 250K USD capital. The funds will be used to incorporate in Singapore with a minimal team to put the project on proper legal grounds.

    • Find 5-20 Advisors / Co-Founders / Professionals who bring in specialist experience.

    • Find 10-20 Interns. The Internship program is open to students and professionals who like to gain experience to work on a startup project and contribute with individual skills and knowledge.

    • Complete the business plan, finance plan, marketing plan and presentations.

    • Conduct market research in Singapore by interviewing potential customers for their feedback (about 100 customers minimum).

    • Complete the Reuters API / Stock History SQL Database

    • Complete the AI Predictions software to automatically create the monthly funds - our core product. Publish new virtual funds every month so we can see our service in action and make corrections if required.

    • Complete the Customer dashboard portal, the website customers will use to manage their investment fund account.

    Stage 2

    • Raise 2.5 mio USD

    • Invest 1.2 mio USD into our own funds

    • Start the licence process with MAS to get a retail investment licence for all monthly funds.

    • The licence process requires us to setup proper processes to comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML), KYC (CDD/EDD), Source of Funds (SOF), Source of Wealth (SOW) and various other processes.

    • Hire core team of 5-10 professionals

    • Find seed investors to get 25 mio USD start capital. That means we have to use all energy to advertise our project and approach incubators, startup accelerators, venture capitalists, family offices etc. and present our idea on various Fintech conferences.

    Stage 3

    • Raise the complete 25 mio startup capital

    • Invest at least 12 mio USD into our own funds, so we can fully cover our operating costs after 3 years

    • Hire the full team of ~20 professionals

    • We have to pass 1-2 external audits on procedures, documentation, IT safety and team knowledge

    • Complete all licence applications with MAS

    Stage 4

    • Carry out the marketing plan and promote our service to customers

    • Break even and cover all operating costs from self-investing

    Stage 5

    • Carry out the expansion plan and move to the next country, adopt to the local culture and start the whole process of incorporating and licencing all over.

    • As the monthly funds in each country are the based on the same stocks, we can centralize purchasing from all countries.

    • Carry out the Marketing Plan and promote the investment fund to customers.

    • Prepare to move to the next country.

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