Information for Seed Investors

  • Information for Seed Investors


    Business Details

    Please study these documents first:

    Team Members

    Business Plan Presentation


    Cash Flow Plan

    Project Plan


    Investment Stages

    We invite investors to provide capital for any of the 3 main development stages of the project plan:

    • Stage 1 - 250K USD - Incorporate, finance a minimal core team and finish any development tasks


    • Stage 2 - 2.5 Mio USD - Complete all licence applications with MAS and invest 1.2 Mio USD into our own funds


    • Stage 3 - 25 Mio USD - Hire full team of 20-25 professionals, invest 8-10 Mio USD into our own funds and start selling our service


    Interested to Join ?

    Simply book a WhatsApp presentation meeting here:

    Book a WhatsApp Meeting


    Startup Funding via Donation

    If you like to support this startup project, please consider a donation via Paypal.

    Thank you !

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