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  • Information for Professional & Intern Positions



    Our Fintech project has a small team and we invite students and professionals to join the project and together turn it into success !

    All of the positions listed below are voluntary and non-paid at this stage. However there is an opportunity to turn this into real jobs once the company will be incorporated and licenced.

    The project is about offering an licenced investment fund to high income individuals and small/medium business in Singapore. Once the company works profitable, the plan is to expand the company globally to all high income countries over the following years.

    The core of this project is “automated stock allocation”, which means that we use the latest technologies in statistics and artificial intelligence predictions to scan the global stock market for top performing stocks. We than bundle them together to create a top performing investment fund, and offer the fund for clients to invest into.

    Please study the Project Presentation for more details.

    We have a professional task management system, a Google Docs based documentation Wiki and a private section in this forum for project internal discussions. For sure there is something you like to work on !

    The reward of contributing to this project is that you will gain experience to tackle real world problems on a wide range of topics in a startup, where you can apply methods you learned at university or from previous work experiences. You can switch between work areas as you like - we have a pancake flat organization and you choose your work and pull in team members as required to complete the task.



    Please check our opening at AngelList:

    You can apply via AngelList or directly with any of the contact methods listed here.


    Core Project Tasks

    Please check the Project Plan for our targets and what we need to do next.



    • Issue a Certificate or Internship and a recommendation letter
    • Mention your achievements in an article on our website
    • Push an ad (with photo) about your achievements through our LinkedIn network with 8k+ connections



    • Google Account as we use Google Docs for team collaboration and documentation
    • WhatsApp / Skype
    • You need at least 5 hours free time per week to qualify for an professional or internship position

    Please note that all positions we have are currently voluntary based with no compensation.


    Interested to Join ?

    Simply book a WhatsApp presentation meeting here:

    Book a WhatsApp Meeting

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