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  • Introduction

    Currently this fintech project is a one person project and progress is too slow. I invite students and professionals to join the project and together turn it into success !

    All of the positions listed below are voluntary and non-paid at this stage. However there is an opportunity to turn this into real jobs once the company will be incorporated and licenced.

    The project is about offering an licenced investment fund to high income individuals and small/medium business in Singapore. Once the company works profitable, the plan is to expand the company globally to all high income countries over the following years.

    The core of this project is “automated stock allocation”, which means that we use the latest technologies in statistics and artificial intelligence predictions to scan the global stock market for top performing stocks. We than bundle them together to create a top performing investment fund, and offer the fund for clients to invest into.

    Please study the Project Presentation for more details.

    We have a professional task management system, a Google Docs based documentation Wiki and a private section in this forum for project internal discussions. For sure there is something you like to work on !

    The reward of contributing to this project as an Intern is that you will gain experience to tackle real world problems on a wide range of topics, where you can apply methods you learned at university or from previous work experiences. You can switch between work areas as you like.



    Fundraising & Investor Relations
    We need to find and contact seed investors to keep this project running, pay the development costs and also afford some rewards for the Interns. Please check this thread for details. We can also engage in Crowdfunding campaigns.

    Business Plan / Model & Strategy
    We need to define our business model, strategy, marketing activities, finance plans and expansion plans, plus many more. All those we have to capture into an professional business plan. We follow a certain start-up standard to get there which will be a most interesting learning experience. Anyone who studies management and leadership is invited to participate in this area. We also need culture advice and guidance how to best approach the Singapore market.

    Investment Advisers / Wealth Management
    We require advice from professionals in the area of wealth management and investments. If you worked in this area before or study in that area, than for sure we would like to hear your feedback and recommendations how we can improve our project and business model.

    Marketing / Business Development / Sales / Presentations
    We need to develop the sales model, and specify how to approach and sell our fund to customers. We have to take into account the restrictions of selling a financial product, and be aware of the legislation in Singapore. We need to understand the local culture and the options of selling.

    Finance Planning & Accounting
    As part of the business plan we need to present professional financial statements, like cash flow plan, P/L sheet etc.
    We have the basics ready, but need professionals in accounting to transform them from Google Sheets into a proper standard layout (US GAAP). Also your tasks would be to replace the various cost estimations with facts by doing research of the real costs and expenses.

    Legal / HR / Audit / Compliance
    We need legal advice how to write up contracts (investors, customers, job contracts etc.) and also get a detailed understanding of what legislation we have to follow in order to run a licenced investment fund in Singapore. So we have to check with MAS and relevant organizations of what is required. Also we need to know what steps we have to do in order to stay compliant with regulations and how we can pass an audit. Special knowledge is required for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and KYC (CDD/EDD) processes and regulations, and also for Source of Funds (SOF), and Source of Wealth (SOW) processes.

    Software Development - Statistics and AI Research
    The core of this project is automated stock analysis, done by statistical and AI software. We need skilled programmers for C++ or Python (Tensorflow) who can develop and improve our core software base. We use SQLite as the central database. Please note that Interns in this area need to pass an entry test first before getting access to our GitHub repository.

    Webserver Administrator / Programmer
    The project website currently is a forum which runs NodeBB hosted in Debian. We plan to develop a customer portal based on the Ubold Theme. We need 1-2 programmers skilled on Node.js to develop a customer portal using the UBold theme and link it to an SQLite database. Also we need to move away from Debian and switch to Clear Linux for performance reasons.


    Core Project Tasks

    At this stage the project focus is to complete all tasks required before incorporation can happen.

    • Find seed investors to raise 200K USD
    • Find 15-20 Interns
    • Write up the business plan to be presentable to large investors
    • Improve the project presentation (split to online audience and live audience)
    • Finish the core software development
    • Create the customer portal website


    My Tasks

    Once we have a group of Interns I will provide training about the project, coordinate the tasks with regular online meetings and ensure that we all work together to complete the tasks. Also I will continue to finish the core software development, so it can be used in live demonstrations.



    • Google Account as we use Google Docs for team collaboration and documentation
    • WhatsApp / Skype
    • A couple of hours per week

    Thank you for your time and interest ! 😃

    Please contact me via LinkedIn or WhatsApp if you like to join this project.

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