Information for Co-Founders

  • Information for Co-Founders



    We currently build a team of co-founders for this fintech startup project which is planned to launch in Singapore. The co-founders will form the executive team which will have a total size of about 10-15 professionals. Fresh graduates or final year students are welcome, too.

    At this stage the team works voluntary, and members are free to leave if they want to take on other opportunities.


    Core Tasks

    • You should be willing to take legal ownership of a share of the company once we incorporate. Even before incorporation we sign contracts, for example with agencies to look out for investors. You need to be willing as a co-founder to be part of these contracts.

    • Your task is to act as hands-on directors to develop the project into the right direction. As a startup many things are far from ready, unpolished or not even thought about. Your contributions will be of key importance !

    • You will manage the intern team, answers their questions and check their contributions, and thus be active on the project every day.

    • You will also participate at investors meetings (online or in person in Singapore), talk with government authorities and be part of presentations.


    Types of Professionals required

    We look for a wide range of professionals, please check our job list.


    Core Project Tasks

    Please check the Project Plan for our targets and what we need to do next.



    • Google Account as we use Google Docs for team collaboration and documentation
    • WhatsApp / Skype
    • You need at least 10 hours free time per week to qualify for a co-founder position

    Please note that all positions we have are currently voluntary based with no compensation.


    Interested to Join ?

    Simply book a WhatsApp presentation meeting here:

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