Information for Co-Founders

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    here you find more details about the Co-Founders and Core Team plans as announced in the LinkedIn group Co-Founders and Core Teams for Startups.



    We look for co-founders for this fintech startup project which is supposed to launch in Singapore. The co-founders will join the executive team which will have a total size of max 10 professionals.

    The core positions of the executive team are:

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    Chief Operating Officer (COO)
    Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
    Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
    Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

    We may add more positions as required.


    Singaporean Co-Founders

    We look for 2-3 professionals who are Singaporean citizens and preferably work in the finance sector and hold investment advisor licences or are senior managers.

    • You should be willing to take legal ownership of a share of the company.
    • Your task is to act as hands-on directors to develop the company into the right direction.
    • You would also assist to contact investors, government authorities and assist with client presentations.


    International Co-Founders

    We can take onboard 1-2 international co-founders who bring in additional skills or are already deeply involved with the project before incorporation.

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