Startup Project Overview

  • Hello and Welcome,

    Amondial Capital is a fintech start-up project, with a simple business idea, a proof of concept and currently looks for co-founders and seed investors to bring the project to the next level.

    Team Members


    Project Presentation

    Please have a look at the presentation below:

    Google Slides Presentation



    Cash Flow Plan

    A a basic cash flow plan and a simple fund simulator is available in Google Sheets


    Further Information

    Please see the Project Plan for the planned next steps of this project.

    We have dedicated web pages based on your interest group:



    Q: Who is behind this project ?

    A: The initial idea was developed by André Borchert, LinkedIn profile here.
    Please also check our list of team members.

    Q: How is the project funded ?

    A: So far the project has been funded by contributions from family and friends.
    However moving forward we need external seed capital to reach the project targets.

    Q: What is next ?

    A: To continue this project we need another round of seed investment. More details here.


    Interested to Join ?

    Simply book a WhatsApp presentation meeting here:

    Book a WhatsApp Meeting


    Startup Funding via Donation

    If you like to support this startup project, please consider a donation via Paypal.

    Thank you !

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